A Boutique Music Rights & Music Business Consultancy Founded by Dae Bogan

About Your Consultant: I am a music rights executive, serial entrepreneur, music creators’ rights advocate, and educator with over a decade of experience in the music industry. 

In 2017, I sold three music tech companies. In 2018, I’ve been mentioned in numerous music industry publications such as BillboardDigital Music News, Rolling Stone (twice), and Pitchfork; my research on unclaimed so-called “black box” music royalties was used by the United States Congressional Budget Office as part of their assessment of the Music Modernization Act’s potential impact on states and firms; and my other works and research has been cited in a number of articles and text books. My e-book “The DIY Musician’s Starter Guide To Being Your Own Label & Publisher,” which was commissioned by creator rights advocacy group CreativeFuture, has been downloaded thousands of times. My class “Music Industry Entrepreneurship” at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music was recognized among Billboard’s 15 best music business schools in 2017 and I have helped a number of start-up founders from around the world get their products properly licensed, launched to market, and ultimately invested into or acquired.

Prior to working at the intersection of music, rights and technology, I was concurrently the Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships and the General Manager of Music of a half-billion dollar US retail chain and moonlit as the sole proprietor of an independent record label, a music publishing company, and an artist management company.

I am a proud member of The Recording Academy/The GRAMMYs, Music Business Association (Music Biz), American Association of Independent Music (A2IM), Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP), the California Copyright Conference (CCC), National Association of Recording Industry Professionals (NARIP), RightsTech Project, Open Music Initiative (OMI), and the Music Industry Research Association (MIRA). I was also the first Innovation Fellow at the UCLA Center for Music Innovation where I developed a course on music technology start-ups, a music business and product development course designed specifically for software engineers interested in developing and launching ventures in the music industry.

You can learn more about my professional background here and my speaking engagements here.


My areas of expertise includes, but is not limited to, market research and analysis, technical project management,  strategic business planning (business model development, revenue models, and supply chain development), intellectual property compliance (music licensing, automated copyright recognition technologies), royalty solutions (royalty accounting, statements, and payments), business development (sales, partnerships, and affiliate programs), integrated marketing (traditional, digital, social, experiential, and affiliate), and go-to-market strategies.

In conclusion, I have experience in every aspect of developing, launching, and growing music tech start-ups. As a consultant and educator, I have a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs navigate the choppy waters to bring their products to shore, and win.




  • Intellectual Property Compliance – Determining the intellectual property implications of your product or service, then recommending and assisting with securing the proper licenses to ensure compliance with domestic and foreign IP laws (copyright, patent, trademark). (I often work with my client’s preferred lawyer to translate the law into business implications and operational decisions. I also have a network of lawyers that I can recommend.)
  • Music Industry Liaising – Introductions, including securing pitch meetings and assisting with presentation development, to various music industry stakeholders such as record companies, music publishers, talent agencies, management firms, and service providers.
  • Supplier Support Coordination – Identify, engage, and coordinate suppliers to support product development (power or add value to feature sets), asset delivery (content delivery networks or content ingestion via APIs, FTP, data feeds, or other methods), direct agreement administration (business rules management as set by label and publisher agreements), royalty processing (calculating, reporting, and paying royalties), etc.
  • Artist Relations – Outreach, negotiation, and securing paid, promotional, and/or equity-based deals with artists.
  • Go-To-Market Strategy – Market research and the development of an integrated go-to-market strategy for the launch of a start0up or entry into a new market.
  • Strategic Business Planning – High-level business model planning, milestone planning, and growth projections.



A sample of my advisory, mentorship, and consultation clients.

  • Acapella – Create and share multi-part acapella singing videos on mobile.
  • Ambient.FM – Ireland-based background music service.
  • Ampsy (formerly, Fliptu) – Hyper-local social content monitoring platform.
  • Audiu – Online music creator community and professional feedback.
  • Baserock – The Immersive Bass-Frequency Hydration Backpack
  • Beatshare – P2P music-based communications mobile app
  • DreamTuner – Independent music community and streaming service.
  • Featuring.Me – Fan engagement and D2F music service.
  • Hangwith – Live broadcast video app
  • Ignite Teaching – Student collaboration platform with teacher analytics.
  • Language Zen – Language-learning platform.
  • Mash Music – Music creation and collaboration app
  • Music Sound US – US music company of composer Mamdouh Saif.
  • mydiveo – Online talent discovery & collaboration platform
  • New Prowess – Mobile application developer of music retail and merch app
  • One-Man Band –
  • OneSound – OneSound is an app that lets everyone at an event be the DJ.
  • PhotoPanda – PhotoPanda separates out your good photos from the rest
  • PicPlayPost – Multimedia collage creator mobile app
  • Platformz – Search from music across multiple platforms.
  • PlayItNow – Real-time music request app for DJs and party goers.
  • Repost Network – Music aggregator and Soundcloud/YouTube MCN.
  • Sonabos – Device that takes over DJ set performance during audio outage.
  • Sonzia – Accessible touch-screen tech to give the disabled access to the digital world.
  • Stryve – On-demand fitness platform
  • Tickethackr – Innovating “off market” ticketing platform.
  • TryTracks – Online music collaboration platform.
  • TunePort – Direct-to-fan music sales platform.
  • Wego Concerts – Social live music app that helps you discover people who share your taste in music.



Initial consultation is FREE. If you’re interested in learning more about my consulting services and how I can help you, please contact me via the form below.

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