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Key Dates & Sessions

Registration ends on Thursday, April 25th.

Saturday, April 27th:

Session A: 9am to 1pm EST (5am to 9am PST)
Session B: 2pm to 6pm EST (10am to 2pm PST)
Session C: 7pm to 11pm EST (3pm to 7pm PST)

Sunday, April 28th:

Session D: 9am to 1pm EST (5am to 9am PST)
Session E: 2pm to 6pm EST (10am to 2pm PST)
Session F: 7pm to 11pm EST (3pm to 7pm PST)

Tuesday, April 30th:

Session G: 9am to 1pm EST (5am to 9am PST)
Session H: 2pm to 6pm EST (10am to 2pm PST)
Session I: 7pm to 11pm EST (3pm to 7pm PST)

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Course Overview

From digital-first record labels and social music apps to AR/VR music experiences and blockchain-based music streaming startups, entrepreneurs have been disrupting and innovating across the music industry since the launch of Napster in the early 2000’s.

In this LIVE masterclass, you will learn to apply principles of entrepreneurship and fundamental business strategies to the music industry in ways that will make you a stronger asset within a team or a more strategic music creator or entrepreneur.

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Learning Objectives

  1. How to form quality ideas using design thinking techniques in the ideation process.
  2. Understanding the intellectual property implications of your creations, products and services in the music industry.
  3. How to utilize market research and quantification methodology to vet ideas and quantify opportunity in the music industry before you invest your time and resources.
  4. How to throw away your 30 page business plan and instead develop an actionable business model that centers around product-market fit.
  5. How to launch with a lean go-to-market strategy.
  6. How to develop basic digital marketing funnels.
  7. How to get out of your own way by applying data-driven strategies to prioritize your monetizable skills. (Key insight for music creators seeking to monetize their skills while building a career as a performer.)
  8. How to keep yourself motivated by identifying and repeating your most powerful motivators.
  9. How to attract co-founders and build teams on a budget.
  10. How to build company culture in small or remote teams.

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Ideal Participants

Hustlers who are ready to work smart and think critically to jumpstart, accelerate or pivot  their careers, ventures, and opportunities. Passionate music industry professionals who seek the mindset and tools to develop effective strategies for success.

Some of the most admired and disruptive figures in today’s music industry — Jimmy Iovine, Daniel Ek, Scooter Braun, and Troy Carter, to name a few —  do not have an MBA. In fact, each of them are college dropouts, yet they’ve transferred the music industry in distinct and unique ways while earning a combined net worth in the billions of dollars. What they had was courage, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the audacity to believe in themselves. With that attitude, and a toolbox of entrepreneurship principles and fundamental business strategies, you too can draft an actionable plan to change your outcomes.

Whether you’re a music creator, a tech founder, an artist manager or work in a traditional music industry sector (e.g. touring, recorded music, instruments, venues, merch, etc.), honing your entrepreneurial skills can change the way you approach threats and opportunities in your work and improve the ways in which you leverage your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. This masterclass is the turning point to your next chapter.

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About the Instructor

Dae Bogan is an American music industry entrepreneur who has sold three companies in the music industry. He is a lecturer at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music where he develops and teaches the Billboard-recognized course, “Music Industry Entrepreneurship” (“The 15 Best Music Business Schools of 2017“, Billboard, September 2017). He is the executive consultant of Rights Department where he provides business coaching and ongoing consultation to music entrepreneurs. He has founded six music industry companies and has helped dozens of existing and aspiring music industry entrepreneurs jumpstart, accelerate or pivot their careers, ventures, and opportunities. Dae Bogan develops and presents courses, workshops, webinars, and masterclasses under his brand Marcato Academy.

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Course Reviews and Coaching Testimonials

Without a doubt one of the most useful classes I have taken in my undergraduate career at UCLA. Professor Bogan has so much real world knowledge and knows how to convey that knowledge in a classroom setting immensely well. All the course material was invaluable to my progression and aspirations of being in the music industry. Every lecture was extremely well-prepared, with amazing guest speakers and information that I will be using for the rest of my life. Professor Bogan did a phenomenal job and I will be recommending this class to all my friends interested in music or starting their own company. Can’t say enough good things about this class. – Winter 2018 Student

Hi Dae, Just wanted to thank you for an awesome class. This was one of the few classes at UCLA where I felt I was taught skills, not just about the subject matter but in how to go about achieving my career goals, that were applicable to my endeavors and will be used for the rest of my life. I got more out of it than I had with any other course here and I would highly recommend your class to to anyone interested in a music industry career.  – Winter 2018 Student

I found the workshop insightful and interesting. learning how to prioritize life as an independent artist is difficult and thinking about ikigai and the spreadsheet point-system was very helpful in understanding what to focus on. – Cøzybøy, Independent Artist

I took Dae’s workshop and found a ton of value in his scoring and ranking system of skills. As an entrepreneur in music and tech who’s never short on great projects to work on, organizing my time and prioritizing what’s most important is essential to my success and sometimes even my sanity! The frameworks laid out in this course gave me a data-backed approach that complements and even helps me understand that “gut feeling” that drives the vast majority of decision-making. The mental models I acquired from Dae are gifts that I will be able to use beyond music entrepreneurship, and I’m forever grateful I was able to be in attendance that evening. — Daniel Scheiner, Artist Manager & Entrepreneur

One of my biggest issues as an artist manager is deciding which opportunities are most lucrative for my clients. Dae’s strategies around organization help you identify which skills you should prioritize in order to drive success for yourself or your team. With Dae’s insight, I have become more efficient and realistic in my pursuit of new ventures, with both short term and long terms goals in mind. — Ryan MacDonald, Entrepreneur

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