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Dae Bogan And Warner Brother Records’ VP, A&R Eesean Bolden Join Panel At XLIVE Data & Analytics Summit 2017

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Dae Bogan, the Co-founder & CEO of music rights and metadata management tech startup TuneRegistry and a Lecturer of Musicology at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, will be joining music industry consultant, Geoff Mayfield, and Warner Brother Records’ Vice President of A&R, Eesean Bolden, on a panel at the XLIVE Data & Analytics Summit 2017, which takes place April 4th – 5th, 2017 at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, California.

For 14 years XLIVE has been providing resources and information to the festival and live event industry. The XLIVE Data & Analytics Summit will convene festival and live event producers, leading data and analytics executives, in addition to brands hosting their own corporate events and festivals. With over $1.1 billion invested in event technology in 2016, the digital transformation in the live event sector is growing at unprecedented levels. As live events and festivals experience increased competition from one another and strive to provide unique experiences for fans and attendees alike, technology will serve as a cornerstone in this effort for years to come. With this digitization of the live event experience – event organizers can now harness the power of their data to more effectively engage attendees, understand customer behavior, increase revenue, analyze competition, identify talent trends, monetize assets, enhance sponsorship activation and more!

Bogan, Mayfield, and Bolden will offer insight and commentary on the panel  “MUSICOLOGY – HOW EMERGING ARTISTS IN MUSIC USE DATA AND ANALYTICS TO GROW AND MONETIZE THEIR FANBASE” which will take place on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 from 2:50pm – 3:30pm.

The panel description is as follows: The music industry has undergone a transformation over the past decade thanks to the emergence of digital streaming as the primary means for Millennial audiences discovering new artists. Our afternoon fireside chat will convene music industry experts to discuss the use of analytics in digital music streaming to help emerging artists build their fanbase through planning their tour schedules and festival calendars. We’ll also explore the issue of data ownership in the music industry to uncover how emerging artists can more effectively monetize their fans through digital streaming before and after they go on tour.

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Tickets are available online. Get 10% OFF with code XLDAEB15

Announcing Music Business Workshop Focusing On LGBTQ Music Creators

When I came to LA as an aspiring artist, there weren’t many “out” recording artists being marketed in mainstream music. When I stopped pursuing music and began to build my career on the business side, I learned that there were plenty of LGBTQ folks in the music industry behind the scenes and many who weren’t ready to live their truth already in mainstream.
Over the 13 years I’ve been here, we’ve seen acceptance grow and artists like Ricky Martin and Lance Bass come out. We’ve seen Sam Smith, Adam Lambert, Frank Ocean, and many others own their truths and break records while doing it.
Nevertheless, there are still many artists who need the support and tools to be their authentic selves in the music industry.
I have taught many music business and marketing classes and workshops. I’m putting these pilot programs together because in all of the many music industry conferences and programs in which I’ve participated, there hasn’t been a unified approach to covering the fundamental complexities of music industry AND the unique needs of LGBTQ creators.
This is why I am excited to announce that I will be developing and teaching two pilot music business workshops focusing on the unique needs of LGBTQ music creators at the new Brotherhood IMPACT Fund space in West Hollywood (aka Brotherhood Clubhouse). SAVE THE DATES: 11/16 (7p to 9p) and 12/17 (3p to 5p)
The workshops will consist of 1 hour of my signature music industry insights and education and 45 minutes of the issues that relate to LGBTQ creators (e.g. touring in countries where homosexuality is illegal, spousal/beneficiary grants of residual music royalties (thanks Marriage Equality), dealing with social media bullying, authenticity when creating music for the masses, storytelling and distribution of audiovisual works depicting LGBTQ relationships, gay baiting, and more.
As a gay music industry professional who now works with creators and professionals at all levels, it is important to me to give back and help the next generation to be more empowered creators.
More details to come. Follow my Facebook page for the event info

LA Area Upcoming Music Industry Conferences & Networking Events


A summary of a few upcoming music industry conferences and networking events…

10/17-10/18 – Production Music Conference 2016
I will host a roundtable discussion on rights management for composers of production music on Tuesday, October 18th, 9am to 10am.

10/20 – Music 2020 Day at Digital Hollywood
I will moderate the panel “Infrastructure: Building New Pipes, New Rights, and New Micropayment Systems” on Thursday, October 20th, 10:20am to 11:05am.

10/27 – October Music Industry Mixer (Malibu Edition)
I will host the networking mixer and open mic. I will have a guest speaker to discuss music publishing.

11/9 – TuneRegistry Event at SAE Institute Los Angeles
I will moderate the panel “Rights & Money for Producers & Engineers” and demo TuneRegistry.

11/19-11/21 – FestForums Santa Barbara 2016
I will be speaking on the panel “Content Marketing: Why Festivals Have A Leg Up” on Friday, November 19th, 2:30pm to 3:20pm.

Dae Bogan To Speak On Content Marketing Panel At FestForums Santa Barbara 2016


Live in/near Santa Barbara? If so, consider attending FestForums Santa Barbara 2016 in mid November 2016.

I will be speaking on a panel titled “Content Marketing: Why Festivals Have A Leg Up
Panel Description:
Festivals are in the business of creating valuable experiences and the goal for brands is to use these experiences to connect with their customers. With so much digital content being created, brands are able to connect more intimately than ever, even when consumers are far away from the festival. Let’s explore the brands, the experiences, and how we can use them to the benefit of festivals, sponsors and consumers.
Moderator: Stuart McNaught, FestForums
Raymond Roker, Goldenvoice
Brian Rucker, Pandora
Dae Music, TuneRegistry
Curt Mosel, ArtsQuest
Jesse Lawrence, Ticket IQ
Complete details and schedule at
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