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My Personal Hashtags

My Personal Hashtags

Often I start the day by posting on Twitter/Facebook the following hashtags: #RiseAndProgress #AspireAndInspire #StartupJunkie. The first (#RiseAndProgress) represents starting the day with a fresh pursuit of moving forward either on a specific project or in life or career in general. The second (#AspireAndInspire) represents my personal aspirations towards a material goal or enlightenment while giving back. I try to “give back” by creating internships for college students where I can share my experience and knowledge on special topics in music and marketing. And the last, but not least (#StartupJunkie) represents my entrepreneurial spirit.

New Year Resolution: Blog More!

Happy New Year!!!! This is a quick blog to say that my New Year Resolution is to post more blogs! I’ll start by taking some of my blog-like Facebook status updates from 2012 (the ones relevant to the theme of my blog) and posting them here. Thanks for reading!

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