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Mid-Summer Review

Happy August! This has been one of the busiest and most productive summers 🌞 that I’ve had in Los Angeles in recent years. Here’s a mid-Summer review:

The summer began with a downer that turned out to be a good thing. My “Music Industry Entrepreneurship” summer class at UCLA was cancelled, but ultimately that cancellation freed up more of my time for the things that followed.

In June, I began work on the Royalty Claim website and database platform. Royalty Claim is a product of my ongoing research into the global music licensing and royalty flow ecosystem, specifically my research into its inefficiencies and the legal loopholes that lead to billions of dollars in unpaid royalties owed to music creators and rightsholders. The Royalty Claim Initiative will aid in creating transparency in the global music licensing ecosystem by offering a free online searchable database of unclaimed royalties and music licenses. I recently joined the Music Industry Research Association and will be presenting a state of music licensing report at its first inaugural MIRA Conference at UCLA on August 10th. This will also serve as the launch of Royalty Claim.

At the end of June I hopped over to Puerto Vallarata, Mexico where I spent a week with a group of friends. It was so fun and I got to check off a bucket list item: ziplining in the wilderness. Good times!

During my trip to PV, the deal that I had been working on for several months had officially closed. That is, my in-store music video network business that I founded in 2012 had been acquired by Empire Distribution. It was great timing. The acquisition frees me up to focus and invest more on my company TuneRegistry and my new project Royalty Claim.

Also in July, I produced in San Francisco the first of a series of summer events for my client Shiekh. It was an event for the launch of the Puma x Kylie Jenner “Velvet Rope” sneaker collection. My #EventsByDae team kicked butt and we had a successful event for client and guests.

I will be producing the next event on Aug 14th at Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas.

I also attended FYF Fest for the first time and I got approved for a new apartment that I’ve been eye’ing for months.

The Transparency in Music Licensing and Ownership Act: The Domesday Book Meets A Unicorn

“Unconstitutional taking and an international trade treaty violation all in one bill.”

Music Tech Solutions

Americans are freedom loving people and nothing says freedom like getting away with it.

Long Long Time, written by Guy Forsyth

Longtime PRO opponent Rep. Sensenbrenner introduced a bill entitled “The Transparency in Music Licensing and Ownership Act“, a piece of work that is Dickensian in its cruelty, bringing a whole new meaning to either “newspeak” or “draconian,” take your pick.  It’s rare that the Congress can accomplish the hat trick of an interference with private contracts, an unconstitutional taking and an international trade treaty violation all in one bill.  But I guess practice makes perfect.  And since the MIC Coalition gave the bill a rousing cheer followed by a heaping serving of astroturf, we should not be surprised.  (Read the bill here.)

While this legislation currently applies only to songs and sound recordings, other creators should not feel that they’ve dodged…

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Mass “Address Unknown” NOI Loophole Continues Apace With Growing International Implications

We,, are launching a searchable database next month at the Music Industry Research Association’s MIRA Conference. We not only have NOIs, but also unclaimed royalty records and music licenses records from several other music rights organizations. I demoed the platform last month at the SoCal Music Industry Professionals and Artists Managers Connect meetup in Downtown Los Angeles. Learn more at

Also, TuneRegistry addresses the issue before it becomes an issue. Learn more at


[Editor Charlie sez: This post first appeared in the MusicTechPolicy Monthly Newsletter. Subscribe by signing up for MTP by email.]

As we have reported a number of times this year, Amazon, Spotify, Google, Pandora, iHeart, Loudr and others are taking advantage of the compulsory license loophole that allows these companies to file tens of millions of address unknown “notices of intention” to rely on the compulsory license for songs in the Copyright Act.  Perhaps more remarkable is that Amazon’s head of music, the eponymous Steve Boom, managed to make it through his entire Alexa demo at the NMPA Annual Meeting keynote without ever mentioning Amazon’s dedication to the mass NOI loophole and its negative effects for the songwriters and publishers listening to his demo.

If a music user like Amazon wants to use the song compulsory license but can’t find the song owner in the public records of the Copyright…

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Apply To Perform At SXSW 2018 – Applications Open Today

Screenshot (157)

SXSW is by far my favorite music industry event. I’ve been honored to join the SXSW community as a mentor for the past three years. One of the many amazing things about SXSW is its hosting hundreds of artists, bands, and ensembles from around the world. Showcasing artists perform at dozens of venues for an entire week bringing together an array of musical experiences for everyone to enjoy, no matter their tastes. I’ve discovered new and up-and-coming artists, experienced interesting musical styles and performances, and have been awed by undiscovered talent.

SXSW organizers also highlight the impact showcasing has on many artists’ careers:

SXSW Showcasing Artists benefit from career changing exposure and publicity provided by the amazing mix of influential participants who attend SXSW every year. Showcasing at SXSW means performing in one of the many venues located in famous downtown Austin for industry reps, media members, and thousands of fans and fellow musicians from all over the world.

If you’ve ever thought about showcasing at SXSW, now is the time to working towards that goal. Today, SXSW Showcasing Artists applications open at The deadline for early entry is Friday, September 8, 2017.

For full details, visit

Who’s Leading The Streaming Pack?

Music Industry Blog

At MIDiA Research we are currently in the final stages of producing the update to our annual landmark report: The State Of The Streaming Nation, a report which compiles every streaming market data point you could possibly need.

In advance of its release in June we want to give you a sneak peak into a couple of the key areas of focus: streaming app usage and major label streaming revenue.

midia research streaming music apps spotify deeper apple google

Subscriber numbers only tell part of the streaming story. They are solid indicators of commercial success, but can often obscure how well a service is doing in terms of engaging its user base. That’s why we track the main music services’ active user bases every quarter. But rather than tracking Monthly Active Users (MAUs), we track Weekly Active Users (WAUs). The MAU metric is past its sell by date. In today’s always on, increasingly mobile digital landscape, doing something just…

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If Only Artists and Managers Had Listened To Us : Spotify Per Stream Rates Keep Dropping

An alarming truth about Spotify royalties…

The Trichordist

We hate to say we told ya so, but… Below is our post from September 2015. Two years ago we predicted the inevitable truth of the all you can eat Spotify subcription model. Like many of our predictionsand proposals (example; windowing titles) we’ve had to wait for the industry to catch up to us. Today, two years later, Digital Music News confirms our prediction.

Read the report from Digital Music News by clicking the headline link here.

Exclusive Report: Spotify Artist Payments Are Declining In 2017, Data Shows | Digital Music News

Our original post from 2015 is below…

Spotify Per Play Rates Continue to Drop (.00408) … More Free Users = Less Money Per Stream #gettherateright

Down, down, down it goes, where it stops nobody knows… The monthly average rate per play on Spotify is currently .00408 for master rights holders.


48 Months of Spotify Streaming Rates…

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GRAMMY Showcase Call for Entries!



Entry Deadline: April 21, 2017
Showcase: June 8, 2017

GRAMMY Showcases have built a successful track record of exposing new emerging talent to industry professionals and fans. This is your opportunity to perform live at the Los Angeles GRAMMY Showcase.

To enter and for a complete list of rules and regulations, click here.
The event is open to unsigned artists and/or artists without major label distribution

I’m Going To Start Trolling My Music Creator Friends, But Not How You’d Think…

I’m going to start trolling my music creator friends.

Not by commenting on their “check out my new release posts.” 


I’m going to troll them by capturing the royalties that they WILLINGLY leave on the table by refusing to be more proactive when it comes to the business of music.

The independent music community turns its collective back on nearly a billion dollars in unclaimed royalties and unlicensed usage every year from domestic and international sources, despite the fact that artists are generally distributing music wider and further across more varied platforms and apps than ever before.

If you’re going to leave money on the table, I’ll go ahead and pull up a seat and take your share.

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