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U.S. Music Industry Conferences For Second Half Of 2015


Music industry conferences offer musicians, music industry professionals, and startup entrepreneurs a platform to showcase, network, and conduct business. As a speaker and presenter at several conferences, I’ve found that selecting the right conference and being prepared to promote yourself and network is key to a successful experience.

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Many conferences offer musicians opportunities to perform at artist showcases and competitions. For music tech startup entrepreneurs, conferences is a highly concentrated outlet for promoting your product, creating new business relationships, and learning about how changes in the music industry will affect your business.

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Conferences are vital to the convergence of ideas and interactions between various stakeholders in the music industry. Below is a select list of notable upcoming conferences that you should consider attending. Make conferences work for you by going beyond just attending. Musicians may find performance opportunities. Startup entrepreneurs should consider exhibiting. And music industry professionals should consider applying to speak on panels. There’s no networking like the networking that can be done at a good conference.

Jul 19-22 SXSW V2V

Las Vegas, NV
Aug 5-8 Indie Entertainment Summit

North Hollywood, CA
Aug 27-29 Cutting Edge

New Orleans, LO
Aug 31-Sep 2 All About Music

Nashville, TN
Sep 15-20 Americana Music Conference

Nashville, TN
Sept 25-27 Midpoint Music Fest

Cincinnati, OH
Sep 26-27 West Coast Songwriters

San Francisco, CA
Oct 1-3 Durango Songwriters Expo

Boulder, CO
Oct 2 DMW Music

New York, NY
Oct 2-4 Mid-Atlantic Music Conference

Charlotte, NC
Oct 13-17 CMJ Music Marathon

New York, NY
Oct 15-18 Revolt Music Conference

Miami, FL
Oct 23-25 CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference

Chicago, IL
Nov 10 SF MusicTech Summit

San Francisco, CA
Dec 13-15 International Music Festival Con

San Diego, CA

CD Baby Launches Illustrated Sounds Its First YouTube Multi-Channel Network

Illustrated Sounds

YouTube Content ID and the MCN (multi-channel network) model has become a booming business for many in the music industry. For many years now, independent artists have looked to MCNs to help them increase and capture the revenues generated against their music on YouTube. Not only does independent artists earn revenue from ads served in and around the videos they upload to their own YouTube channel, but also when ads are served against videos uploaded by other users who use the artist’s music (such as background music for a silly video).

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