[Free eBook] DIY Musician’s Starter Guide to Being Your Own Label and Publisher

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The DIY Musician’s Starter Guide to Being Your Own Label and Publisher was written to (1) help DIY musicians become better advocates for themselves by demystifying some of the confusing concepts behind how the digital music industry operates, (2) to address and offer solutions to many of the challenges that DIY musicians face in their careers, and (3) to educate DIY musicians on the processes with which they must become familiar to increase the possibility of being properly compensated for the
use of their music across the digital music ecosystem.

In this guide, you will learn about the basics of music copyrights and the business implications of the difference between compositions and sound recordings. You will learn what it means to be your own label and publisher and the four different hats you wear in the world of music royalties. You will also gain practical knowledge and steps for asserting your rights and capturing the royalties that your music earns across the digital music industry.

4 responses to “[Free eBook] DIY Musician’s Starter Guide to Being Your Own Label and Publisher”

  1. Kimberly rosario says :

    Looking forward to reading this .

  2. Devon Joseph says :

    This is really amazing – I love what you are doing and the knowledge you are giving away for free

  3. Shawndel Rosa says :

    I need step by step information on how to properly register with Harry Fox I am a rapper

  4. Ms. Cigornai Sapp says :

    I often refer independent artists I come across to this guide and your many works. You are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing Dae!

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