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On Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’ Lackluster Sales And The Luxury Commodity That Is The Album

“The album is dying in front of our eyes,” says music analyst and critic Bob Lefsetz. He asks, “what kind of screwed up world do we live in where Katy Perry’s new album Prism sells only 287,000 copies in its debut?” and answers, “One in which everybody’s interested in the single, and no one’s got time to sit and hear your hour-plus statement.”  Read More…

Digital Music: Can Streaming Save Music Sales?

In Sweden, South Korea, Norway, and Finland, more music is streamed than downloaded. In fact, 91% of music income in Sweden comes from streaming (that’s because Spotify is a Swedish company that was founded in Sweden). With the launch of iTunes Radio and the anticipated launch of a YouTube streaming service, we wonder, “can streaming save music sales?” See what this piece by Maddy Savage of BBC News has to say about that.

Music Licensing: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Takes Music Licensing To The Next Level

It isn’t often that we get to learn about the vision behind the musical selections — including licensed music, commissioned music and collaborations — directly from the music supervisors of entertainment products; especially music supervisors of video games. So, this interview of Rockstar Games’ music supervisor Ivan Pavlovich by The Hollywood Reporter on his work for Grand Theft Auto V is a rare peak behind the curtain of creating the sonic identity of one of the top video games of all time. And boy is it insightful! 

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