Dae Bogan’s Fall 2017 Appearences

Dae Bogan Fall 2017 Appearences

Fall 2017 Appearances:

9/27 – Dae Bogan to speaks at RightsTech Summit at New York Media Festival 2017 in New York City (Details at http://wp.me/p2GxIU-XC)

9/28 – Dae Bogan Music Popup Meetings in Brooklyn (Schedule a meeting at http://wp.me/P2GxIU-Yx)

9/29 – Dae Bogan Music Popup Meetings in New York City (Schedule a meeting at http://wp.me/P2GxIU-Yx)

9/30 – Marcato Academy‘s Music Industry Entrepreneurship Masterclass in Brooklyn (Free tickets at http://wp.me/p2GxIU-XW)

10/14 – Marcato Academy‘s Music Industry Entrepreneurship Masterclass Tour in San Francisco (Free tickets at http://wp.me/p2GxIU-XW)

10/14 – Dae Bogan Music Popup Meetings in Oakland (Schedule a meeting at http://wp.me/P2GxIU-Yx)

10/16 – Dae Bogan Music Popup Meetings in San Francisco (Schedule a meeting at http://wp.me/P2GxIU-Yx)

10/17 – TuneRegistry hosts Open Music Initiative SF Music Tech Summit Coffee Hour (Details at http://wp.me/p2GxIU-WZ)

10/17 – Dae Bogan speaks at SF MusicTech Summit in San Francisco (Details at http://wp.me/p2GxIU-WZ)

10/21 – Marcato Academy‘s Music Industry Entrepreneurship Masterclass Tour in Cleveland (Free tickets at http://wp.me/p2GxIU-XW)

10/25 – Music Business Association presents “Demystifying Black Box Royalties – Practical Solutions For Unlocking Your Royalties” webinar by Dae Bogan Music (Members to receive details via email from MBA)

10/26 – SoCal Music Industry Professionals Meetup Hosted by Dae Bogan Music. Location TBD. (Details at www.meetup.com/scmiponline)

10/28 – “DIY Musician’s Starter Guide To Being Your Own Label & Publisher” Ebook Launch Webinar presented by TuneRegistry and CreativeFuture(Follow TuneRegistry on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more details)

11/18 – Marcato Academy‘s Music Industry Entrepreneurship Masterclass Tour in Los Angeles (Free tickets at http://wp.me/p2GxIU-XW)


About Dae Bogan

Dae Bogan is a music rights executive, serial entrepreneur, and educator with over fifteen years of experience in the music industry. Currently, he is the Head of Third-Party Partnerships at the Mechanical Licensing Collective and Lecturer at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.

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