Ask Me Anything About The Music Business, With Dae Bogan

Ask Me Anything

Ask me your music business question and I’ll attempt to provide you with an answer or direct you to a resource with a better answer or guidance. I cannot provide specific legal advice, but I can discuss general music business practices. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Simply drop your question in the comments section wherever you see the above image.

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About Dae Bogan

Dae Bogan is a music industry professional. Connect with Dae on Twitter at @DaeBoganMusic.

2 responses to “Ask Me Anything About The Music Business, With Dae Bogan”

  1. Antonio Cervantes says :

    Hello Dae,

    I really enjoy your blog. There seems to me like there isn’t very much music industry blogs that are updated daily. You do a great job of that!

    I wanted to ask what are the steps to setting up my own publishing company and signing my first song that is not mine. Then what is the day to day management of the publishing company look like there after?

    I think I understand setting up but I’m having a hard time understanding the workflow/”operations” once I have my first couple songs signed to the publishing company.

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