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Dae Bogan moderates panel “Networking & Brand Building” featuring GRAMMY Award Winning Producers The Midi Mafia at iStandard Producers’ Beat Camp

Dae Bogan will moderate the “Networking & Building Your Brand” w/ The Midi Mafia panel at iStandard Producers Beat Camp at SAE Institute Los Angeles on Saturday, September 14th.

This event is open to the public. To view the full schedule of events and to purchase tickets, visit www.beatcampla.com

The Midi Mafia Bio:

Consisting of Brooklyn native Bruce Waynne and Canadian transplant Dirty Swift, this unlikely production duo shot to prominence during the summer of 2003 as their megasmash single “21 Questions” by 50 Cent was getting radio spins across the country. Sitting on top of the Billboard charts for weeks on end with their first placement as a duo offered Bruce and Swift a unique perspective on the benefits of teamwork and also validated their individual struggles in the cutthroat world of music and entertainment. Prior to having met inside a tiny attic studio in a Brooklyn neighborhood while working with the same artist, former indie rapper Bruce Waynne and ex-Canadian Champion DJ Dirty Swift were on seemingly parallel paths to success but both looking for the missing ingredient that would become their tipping point. Says Swift of their partnership, “we both do the same thing but we approach it from different perspectives and it allows us to focus on our strengths.” As the single “21 Questions” shot up the charts in the summer of 2003, it was clear they had found the magic formula they had both been striving to create and The MIDI Mafia was born.  Read More…

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