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I Participated In ‘GRAMMYs In My District’ And Met Congressman Adam Schiff #GIMD #SupportMusic

Today, I joined fellow members of The Recording Academy to participate in the advocacy division’s GRAMMYs in My District initiative, which organized hundreds of music creators and industry professionals across the United States to speak with their Congressional rep about music rights.

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with my rep, Congressman Adam Schiff of California’s 28th District. Representative Schiff has the unique pleasure 🙂 of representing a district whose constituents include many creators, possibly the most content creators in the United States. As an attorney and friend of many creators, Representative Schiff stands as a politician who supports the rights of music creators.

I am happy to say that Representative Schiff already sponsors the Songwriter Equity Act, the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, and the Allocation for Music Producers Act (AMP Act) and will be doing what he can to get other congressional representatives on board. This is not an easy task. Big Media such as the National Association of Broadcasters strongly oppose and lobby against progress that would ensure artists are being fairly compensated for the use of their music on terrestrial radio.

The music community has to work together to fight for changes to push legislation that will given music creators the rights and control over their music, the way any working professional maintains control over the products and services that he/she puts into the marketplace.

We need copyright reform. We need these bills to become laws. We need multi-billion dollar corporations to stop subsidizing the salaries of their executives and their operational costs at the expense of music creators.

I’m Meeting With Congressman Adam Schiff To Discuss The Rights of Music Creators #GIMD

Congressman Adam Schiff

Congressman Adam Schiff represents California’s 28th District

On Wednesday, as part of the “GRAMMYs in My District” initiative, I will join a select group of fellow The Recording Academy / The GRAMMYs members to meet with Congressman Adam Schiff to discuss the rights of music creators. And across the United States, other members will be meeting with their district’s Congress persons as well.

I hope to be able to address the issues that I care about, which affects music creators across the US. I want to urge my Congressman Schiff to support the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, which would create an income stream for artists when their music is played on AM/FM radio (much like the rest of the world) and support the AMP Act, which would allocate royalties to music producers and engineers when the music they’ve worked on is performed on SiriusXM, Music Choice, Pandora, and over 2,500 webcasters and digital music services.

In light of the recent firing of the Register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante, which happened oddly at a time when Google and Amazon is using the loopholes of the U.S. Copyright Act to avoid paying thousands of songwriters for the use of millions of songs across their music properties, I want to address if and how Congress plans to close these loopholes that enable wealthy multinational corporations to stiff the little guys. And I would like Congress to help us move towards a system of equitable representation of songwriters and fair market royalty rates for compulsory licenses.

We will be posting updates during and after these meetings across social media. Follow the hashtag #GIMD for posts. Learn more about The Recording Academy’s Advocacy & Public Policy at www.grammy.org/recording-academy/advocacy.

Indie Music Is On The Rise…Or Is It? A Response From The GRAMMYs, Coachella and More

Left Table: Moderators Professor Amanda Harrison (professor of music industry studies, formerly of Live Nation) and Professor Kristen Walker, Ph.D. (graduate marketing professor). Right Table: Panelists moderated by professors of the Masters in Music Industry Administration program at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

Left Table: Moderators Professor Amanda Harrison (professor of music industry studies, formerly of Live Nation) and Professor Kristen Walker, Ph.D. (graduate marketing professor). Right Table: Panelists from The Family Business, The Recording Academy/The GRAMMYs, Goldenvoice/Coachella/Stagecoach and Bill Silva Entertainment. This event is an installment of the “Industry Insights” panel series organized by CSUN Music Industry Program in collaboration with CSUN Music Entertainment Student Association for students of the Bachelors in Music Industry Studies and Masters in Music Industry Administration degree program at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

Last night I attended a very informative music industry panel featuring Branden Chapman (Executive in Charge of Production & Chief Business Development Officer of The Recording Academy & The GRAMMYs), Bonnie Marquez (VP of Marketing of Goldenvoice’s Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals), Bill Silva (music industry mogul and respected concert promoter of Bill Silva Entertainment), and SuzAnn Brantner (Founder of The Family Business and former Head of Digital of William Morris Endeavor).  Read More…

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