500 Spotify Playlists That You Can Pitch To Right Now

Several members of the Artist Managers Connect Facebook group (a global networking group of artist managers and other music industry professionals such as service providers, music tech founders, and label/publishing reps) curated a list of third-party Spotify playlists.

This amazing resource is a Google Sheet posted by AMC member Jorge Mejias with a caption:

Since I truly hate the fact that there are “PR” companies offering “Spotify Playlist Pitching” for upwards of $1K+ making false promises they know and then saying something around the lines of “it’s just how the industry is” or “Spotify playlisting is tough” or whatever-

Here is a google sheet w/ info on some of the most popular third party Spotify playlists that most of these companies are pitching to because-

1) this information is all public so I don’t feel bad giving it out & saving people some research

2) what you get out of it = how much time you dedicate to it

3) getting scammed in 2017 / not helping prevent it when you can is silly

Contact info is all out there so stop making excuses. Also the follower count on these are outdated.

*Edit* – also this is a thank you to everyone from AMC who has helped me out thus far. you rock~

*Edit2* – also please refrain from publicly posting any contact info- thank youuu!

*Edit3* – this post by no means aims to discredit companies who do properly provide pitching services. Dan put it best by saying “Would like to caveat that some of us work records at Spotify and Apple Music very transparently and based on years of repertoire and success for our artists within the platform’s respective ecosystems. ”

*Edit4* – thank you Dustin for contributing his spreadsheet

The list requires you to do a little bit of work to reach out to the curator, but the awesome thing about the list is that they’ve already done the work to identify the curator’s Spotify username and have tracked followers and genre to help you sort and prioritize.

List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-jf6HkRHay43pv8f6X_VneDPuEY405YV3Ool8GVdZjs/htmlview

Go forth and pitch your music!

Let me know if you land a placement.



About Dae Bogan

Dae Bogan is a music rights executive, serial entrepreneur, and educator with over fifteen years of experience in the music industry. Currently, he is the Head of Third-Party Partnerships at the Mechanical Licensing Collective and Lecturer at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.

15 responses to “500 Spotify Playlists That You Can Pitch To Right Now”

  1. Olivia Castriota says :

    Hi Dae! Just stumbling upon this while researching companies that pitch to Spotify Playlists. This list is awesome. I don’t see any email address though. How do you recommend reaching these curators? Thanks so much for your help!

  2. jacob says :

    I’m the owner of the playlist “joe and the juice” on Spotify, that has 5.925 followers at the moment, with more joining every single day. If you are an artist / promoter / manager, feel free to hit me up with your music and I’ll give it a spin. My email is vjacob_b@hotmail.com
    Best, Jacob

  3. JJ says :

    wow, what a list! thanks for sharing this Dae!

  4. Nimrod Azoulai says :

    Hi everyone! First of all, thank you Dae! this is an amazing resource for aspiring musicians!
    My name is Nimord Azoulai from MySphera, we connect starting musicians with independent playlist curators, if you like to submit your music to us, check out: https://www.mysphera.co/spotify-playlist-submit
    Hopefully we could help!

  5. Cristiano says :

    does anyone know if with a third part app (based on API) exist a way to check who is following your playlists?
    btw, great document, I’ve tried to contact at least 100 curators using during last mounth but only the 10% answered and this 10% asked me money

  6. Kwame says :

    Yo the list is down

  7. Granger says :

    The link doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Is there any chance that you could pass it on again?

    Thanks so much

  8. georgia sargeant says :

    Hi, as a few have said above the list is no longer working. if anyone has a copy please could you repost a new link, i would be super grateful! or email to me on georgia-sargeant@hotmail.co.uk thanks so much!

  9. Dae Bogan says :

    Sorry everyone, but the author of the list has deleted it. Therefore, you cannot access it any longer.

  10. Andrew K says :

    This website has a similar database – over 6000 playlists with contact emails, searchable by genre: PlaylistCity.com

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