Check Out YouTube Space LA, Its Huge New Space For Local Video Creators

This is amazing. Indie artists might be able to take advantage of the space to shoot music videos and teasers. Good job YouTube!


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Over the past few years, YouTube has emerged as the dominant platform for distributing video online, but it would be nothing without all the creators and networks that produce content for it. The number one request from those members in LA was for production space to help them create better videos.

And so, the company built out a huge, 41,000-square foot facility where creators could go to shoot, edit, and even screen their videos with other members of the local community. YouTube Space LA is meant to be a place for creators to meet, collaborate, and take advantage of all sorts of production and editing equipment available to them. As part of our tour of the LA video ecosystem, we stopped by YouTube Space LA to find out more about the facilities.

Liam Collins, head of the space, said YouTube first started talking about having a greater presence…

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