Shopping And Music Discovery: A Resource For Indie Artists To Generate Exposure For Your Music In Retail Environments

Every month thousands of indie artists publish new music and videos to the Internet hoping to break through the clutter for the chance to generate exposure that reaches new listeners and gains new fans. Every month thousands of indie artists are reminded how difficult it is to earn the kind of exposure that reaches new listeners without the support and deep pockets of a major label.

Sure, there are some successes. There are dozens of indie artists buzzing on blogs and going viral on YouTube. There are dozens of artists generating hundreds to thousands of downloads. There are dozens of artists earning new followers every day. Unfortunately, the indie rock stars represent a small fraction of the indie artist community as a whole — an exception to the rule. 

Your success as an indie artist is partially dependent on how and where new audiences discover your music. Word of mouth is great, but often not fast enough to build traction. Putting your music in the right places is not impossible; it’s strategy.

Despite the usage increase in streaming Internet music services Pandora and Spotify, despite the increase in uploads to video platforms Youtube and VEVO, and despite the subscription popularity of sattelite radio service SiriusXM, good ‘ol fashion AM/FM radio remains the #1 source of all music discovery in the United States.

The challenge for indie artists is traditional radio airwaves are dominanted by major releases. The power and influence of the major record companies ensure that their releases earn placement on radio playlists. And not just any placement, but high rotation placement.

Radio is a powerful tool because it transmits its playlists in private and public places reaching millions of captive listeners every day. However, there is another source of music delivery to public destinations that is growing its reach beyond radio. And that is commercial music services.

Commercial music services are licensed to deliver custom music programs to clothing stores, retail chains, restaurants, coffee shops, college campuses and other business types. ChazBo Music is one of those commercial music services.

Every month, we power over 100,000 hours of streaming video delivered to retail stores across the United States. Our presentations reach thousands of engaged viewers and potential new fans of your music.

We offer an exclusive service to independent artists called High Rotation Music Promotion Service.

  • Get your music (music video or audio only) in rotation in retail stores in the US. Your music earns 2-4 spins per day all month.
  • Promote your social media, upcoming shows, or new releases with an artist ad displayed on-screen while your music plays.
  • Earn ASCAP, BMI or SESAC public performance royalties every time your music is performed on our channels.
  • You control when and where your music is distributed.
  • You get a detailed report showing where your music was performed across the US and access to a real-time interactive map that enables you to pinpoint individual locations playing your music.

Interactive Map allows you to see where your music is playing.
You can click on the ChazBo Music icon to get more info on the location playing your music.

Pricing Details:

• FREE to sign-up for a ChazBo Bridge account to submit and manage campaigns.
• No Monthly Account Maintenance Fees
• No Closed Captioning Fees (Savings of $500)
• No Snail Mall Costs (Savings of $30)
• No Tape Costs (Savings of $35)
• No File Formatting/Conversion Fees (Savings of $100)
• No Upload Required Submission

$25 One-Time Non-Refundable Review Fee
$5 Distribution Fee / Per Location (20 locations minimum required)
PRICING EXAMPLE: If you submit your promotion campaign to premiere on October 1st on the ShiekhTV channel in 20 locations, your total cost will be $25 Review Fee + $100 Distribution Fee ($5 Per Location x 20 Locations) = $125. Then, your music will earn 3 spins per day every day in 20 locations for the entire month of October for a total of 1,860 spins reaching thousands of shoppers!

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About Dae Bogan

Dae Bogan is a music rights executive, serial entrepreneur, and educator with over fifteen years of experience in the music industry. Currently, he is the Head of Third-Party Partnerships at the Mechanical Licensing Collective and Lecturer at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.

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