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#IndieMusicStories: Fighting For Your Copyrights When A Sweet Oral Agreement Goes Sour

Preface: Every day I receive emails, phone calls, text messages and social media pings from indie artists, bands, music producers and artist managers seeking advice on their music career or insight into the music industry in general. In addition, after speaking on panels, teaching workshops or guest lecturing at music production schools I participate in Q&A sessions that yield all kinds of questions. Often, the advice sought is due to some very specific recent incident in their music career pursuits. I’ve created this series to offer a glimpse into the indie music community–the good, the bad and the ugly. These are their stories; the #IndieMusicStories. [All names are fictional. I’ve changed the names of the real person to protect his/her identity.]

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Words Of Reality


To the musicheads who follow me for insight and expertise: know this…educating yourself, expanding your network, striving for greatness and growth never ends. I learn every day. I attempt to be better and more amazing every day. No level of achievement is a means to an end for me…it’s only the beginning of another level of journey. Although I speak/teach in the music industry, I remain a lifetime student of the same. This industry; this fluid and ever-changing industry moves as fast as lightening. It’s your job– your mission– to keep up!

#TBT Anti-Aging With The EC Twins

These guys are two of my jackass best buds :). The kind of good ‘ol friends you can love and hate at the same time yet still drive 4 hours to hangout with in Vegas. The kind of friends who’ll give you crap about your ready-made meals in their freezer when you crash on their couch for two weeks but then text you that they’ve ate all the candy and carbs available in the hotel while gigging in Atlantic City. Read More…

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