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Apple To Recruit College Students For Apple Music From UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

I am pleased to announce that Apple has selected my Billboard-recognized class, Music Industry Entrepreneurship and Innovation, at UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music as a preferred source to recruit aspiring music industry professionals into its college internship programs at Apple Music.

Upon successful completion of an internship and graduation from UCLA, recent grads may become eligible for full-time employment at Apple music divisions.

An Apple Worldwide Recruiting representative will visit my class in January 2019 to promote their internship program to my students and answer any questions that students might have.

I am pleased with Apple’s decision to partner with universities and educators that deliver best-in-class education and experiences to students who may become tomorrow’s music industry leaders.

In reviewing my class students have shown great appreciation for the course and the speaker series that I curate throughout the quarter:

Hi Dae, Just wanted to thank you for an awesome class. This was one of the few classes at UCLA where I felt I was taught skills, not just about the subject matter but in how to go about achieving my career goals, that were applicable to my endeavors and will be used for the rest of my life. I got more out of it than I had with any other course here and I would highly recommend your class to to anyone interested in a music industry career.

– Student testimonial, Winter Quarter 2018

Without a doubt one of the most useful classes I have taken in my undergraduate career at UCLA. Professor Bogan has so much real world knowledge and knows how to convey that knowledge in a classroom setting immensely well. All the course material was invaluable to my progression and aspirations of being in the music industry. Every lecture was extremely well-prepared, with amazing guest speakers and information that I will be using for the rest of my life. Professor Bogan did a phenomenal job and I will be recommending this class to all my friends interested in music or starting their own company. Can’t say enough good things about this class.

– Student testimonal, Winter Quarter 2018

In addition to the relationship with Apple, I am excited to announce that I’ve established a relationship with music tech start-up accelerator Techstars Music that allows me to recommend student and alumni owned start-ups for consideration to receive seed investment and to participate in its accelerator program.

I look forward to continuing to add value to my course to offer students one of the best experiences in their academic careers at UCLA.

Grooveshark And The Inherent Problem With User-Generated Content (UGC)

It appears that Grooveshark is a platform that allows end-users to upload and share songs. The problem with that model (if early Napster didn’t teach us anything) is that while even if another end-user pays for the download; Grooveshark is still infringing on the copyright owner rights of reproduction and distribution. Further, one could argue that by allowing website visitors to stream the song before buying and downloading it; Grooveshark is also infringing on public performance rights. And that’s just the songwriter/publisher side. I do not believe Grooveshark is acquiring mechanical licenses for each song it allows to be purchased and downloaded; so they’ll also have a problem with the record labels.

I’m interested to see where this all goes. Read, “Grooveshark Signs an Agreement With the Largest Music Publisher In the World…” on Digital Music News website

UMG And Russell Simmons To Launch All Def Music; YouTube-Focused Label

Universal Music Group has entered a partnership with Russell SimmonsBrian Robbins, and Steve Rifkind to launch All Def Music, the first label to exclusively sign, develop, and promote artists on YouTube.

All Def Music will power the All Def Digital (ADD) platform, a multi-channel network also founded by Simmons and Robbins with funding from YouTube, which will produce and showcase a spectrum of talent. Steven Rifkind has been appointed as President/CEO of All Def Music and ADD Management.

ADD is to launch during the third quarter of 2013.

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